As experienced event planners we should stay up-to-date on current trends in the event industry and we therefore continuously look for inspiration. Azavista has compiled a list of 8 inspirational blogs for event planners to visit while planning your next event. The list includes everything from tips and tricks, tools, and trend spotting. Take a look at our list and get inspired for your next event! 

Smart Meetings is an excellent corporate event and meeting planning resource. This blog shares new and inspiring information and visually presents new ideas for event planners on how to make your events and meetings smarter.

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TechsyTalk is an online platform that exists to bridge the gap between event technology and the event planner. The platform is presents new technology best practices and trends for the modern event planner.

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EventJuice is an all-in-one event blog with a surplus in event planning content. The content varies from wedding planning to planning a successful book launch – so whatever your event, there is sure to be content that will inspire!

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Event Manager Blog has been widely referenced. It tops all the rankings in its category and it has become a point of reference for the event industry when it gets to innovation, inspiration and innovative technology. The blog focuses on innovation in events and often offers free downloadable content.

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Endless Entertainment is an event production company that provides blog content with a strong focus on customer service and making the event and meeting planning process as simple and smooth as possible. The articles include an array of tips, tricks and inspiring trends in event production for event and meeting planners.

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The Meeting Pool is a hub for content related to event technology such as apps and social media, and provides a database of event technology providers. The blog is run by two experienced event planners who also provide interesting event-related content from other relevant sources, which ensures that as an event planner you are always up-to-date.

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The #Event Professional describes the journey of a young event professional and her challenges and experiences along the way. In this blog, Nikki documents the events that she was a part of and those that happened in the industry.

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Velvet Chainsaw is targeted at company and association events with a focus on ensuring that these events bring business results. They offer research papers, eBooks and newsletters that are a great source of inspiration and ideas for your event planning.

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